Our Mission Statement which expresses our belief in regular improvement is to create landmarks in the Construction Industry and in our sectors of operations based on our key values: Commitment, Quality and Trust. We endorse a policy of fairness, honesty and integrity in the conduct of business and this reflects in our deliverability, relationships and strategies.


Commitment-Quality-Trust: The three pillars of our creed.


Commitment usually evokes a strong sense of intention and focus. The Tayelamay Group has the clear unwavering intention to bring to fruition any project entrusted to us. We remain focused on our customer’s needs and expectations during the whole process, and are always willing to go the extra mile to help him achieve his dreams.


Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort. These words of John Ruskin illustrate perfectly well the purpose of devoting so much intellectual and physical resources on quality in our Group. Quality of service, process and delivery! Quality in substance and form! Quality in communication! Over the years we have made our name synonymous with quality.


Trust is our undeniable strength – a most cherished legacy from our forefathers which we make a point of honour to preserve. We regard trust as the crucial principle that holds all successful relationships between our group and its customers. Through trust everyone’s interests are considered and respected and deals are finalised in all serenity.